Full Circle – Recognize EP (2018)

Khromozomes ‎– Khommon Grooves Volume II [Vinyl, 12''] (1997)

A1. Say Word
A2. Say Word (Instrumental)
B1. Cold World
B2. The Omen

The Khromozomes Projekt ‎– Phase One Building Blocks [Vinyl, 12'', 33 ⅓ RPM] (1999)

A1. Biggathanthat Ft. Infared
A2. Biggathanthat Ft. Infared (Instrumental)
A3. Say Word Ft. Infared
B1. Total Blackout Ft. GERM
B2. Total Blackout Ft. GERM (Instrumental)
B3. Total Blackout Ft. GERM (Total Remix)

The Khromozomes Projekt ‎– Sector 7 [Vinyl, 12''] (2000)

A1. Sector 7 Feat. Infared (Album Version)
A2. Sector 7 (Instrumental)
B1. Blind Mics Feat. Eye-Q & D-Blow
B2. Blind Mics (Instrumental)
B3. Brother's Keeper Feat. D-Prophet

Bored Stiff ‎– Explainin'... (1995)

A1. Intro
A2. Explainin'
A3. Change Of Mind
A4. Peaceful Rotation '92
A5. Origins
A6. Down The Line
B1. Thoughts On Music
B2. Bridge
B3. Survivin'
B4. Heartbeat
B5. Tell It Like It Is
B6. We Up

Bored Stiff ‎– Timeless (1997)

A1. Give It Up (Intro)
A2. Nine-Six
A3. Next Sunlight
A4. Beat #1
A5. Beat #2
B1. The Soil
B2. State Of The Art
B3. Kwanz (From 850 Bryant)
B4. What's Next?

Bored Stiff ‎– Ghetto Research (2001)

01. On The Incline
02. Get The Bizness (ft. PSC)
03. Rappers
04. The Symbol (ft. Dubstar)
05. Capricorn (ft. MIC)
06. JoJo's Song (ft. Dubstar)
07. Might As Well (ft. Julz, Sunspot Jonz)
08. All 2 The Good
09. Frisco
10. Bored Stiff
11. Tribute
12. Ghetto Research
13. State Of The Art (Original Version)
14. E.O.C. (From The BS Archive)

Bored Stiff ‎– From The Ground Up (2007)

01. Rebuilding The Symbol
02. Word
03. Sound Travels
04. Media
05. Medicine
06. Livin Right Ft Z-Man and Otayo Dubb
07. In The House
08. Zig Zaki Ft Zaki
09. Spirit Of Lee
10. Why?
11. C Thru Bs Ft Del The Funky Homosapien
12. Until Then
13. More Than A Rhyme Ft Sunspot Jonz and Mike Marshall
14. Maturity
15. Good Bye
16. Face To Face Ft Sakima Williams
17. Sneak Attack Ft Agent Striknine
18. Spanks Ft Spank Pops
19. Back With The Stiff
20. Dont Got Much
21. I Remember

Bored Stiff ‎– The Sad Truth (2008)

01. Listen To The Music
02. @ A Distance
03. Hold It In
04. Take It Easy (Feat. Agentstrik9)
05. P-Way In Denmark
06. 2gether (Feat. Mike Marshall)
07. Kingship (Feat. The Grouch and Sick Y.G.)
08. The Flow
09. Hope
10. Schwinn & Chops
11. A Way Out (Feat. The Jacka Of The Mobfigaz)
12. January 19th
13. Hey Jo
14. Oso On One
15. Say So Much (Feat. Spank Pops and Mike Marshall)
16. Scary
17. If I Don't
18. Make A Sound
19. Show Me (Feat. Fdog)
20. Sad Truth (Feat. Mike Marshall)
21. Free (Feat. Agentstrik9 and Cait La Dee)

Asheru ‎– Is This What U Want [Vinyl, 12'', 33 ⅓ RPM] (2003) [RARE]

A1. Is This What U Want [Prod. Asheru, DJ Bolex, DJ Khalil]
A2. Think About Feat. J. Sands [Prod. Asheru, DJ Bolex, Lone Catalysts]
A3. Theme Music Feat. Big Rock [Prod. Asheru, Blue Black]
B1. Is This What U Want (Instrumental) [Prod. Asheru, DJ Bolex, DJ Khalil]
B2. Think About (Instrumental) [Prod. Asheru, DJ Bolex, Lone Catalysts]
B3. Theme Music (Instrumental) [Prod. Asheru, Blue Black]
B4. Think About (Acapella)